Xoops Hosting and Web Hosting Features

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Xoops Hosting and Web Hosting Features

XOOPS is a system that excels in managing content and the scripting language used is PHP. It allows customers and users to change the theme, appearance as well as update their websites. XOOPS is managed and controlled by GNU GPL (General Public License). It is free in the sense that the user can use it without cost for the purpose of modification and redistribution.
XOOPS stands for eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System. Initially, XOOPS began as a portal system but over the years, it has developed into a platform that supports web pages for all kinds of sites whether they are small, medium or large. This is possible by installing modules. With the help of these modules, users can use XOOPS in the form of a journal. However, if expanded and modified accordingly, users can store large volumes of content such as downloads, news and other related content. 
Features of XOOPS:
1-The success and progress of XOOPS depends on the support and contributions of a community that stretches across continents. This is because the software is managed and controlled by GNU GPL.
2-The database system used by XOOPS is MySQL. This stores the data that is essential for the purpose of carrying out the functions of this management system.
3-The Administrators ensure the safety and proper functioning of websites by granting limited access to a particular group of users with reference to editing, uploading, deleting, publishing content, adding attachments and so on.
4-With the help of the module administration system, users are able to install, uninstall, activate and deactivate a number of existing modules.
5-Added features offered by XOOPS allow users to grant permissions, add comments, access notifications and also allow them to block those features that are not required by them.
6-By allowing administrators to personalize their website, XOOPS allows them to allow a specific group of users to access a specific category of elements present on the webpage.
7-XOOPS makes it possible for users to search for other users with the help of a number of options by existing criteria. It also allows them to send and receive private emails and messages with the help of a messaging system that is based on the use of templates.
8-XOOPS allows the user to change the language of the website into one of his own choice. It supports languages like Japanese, Korean, etc, among the traditional ones. The community that supports XOOPS has websites in every continent for the purpose of aiding those who do not speak English.
9-XOOPS allows administrators and users to modify and tamper with the overall appearance of the web page by accessing the themes available for the same purpose.
10-With the help of a specialized templating engine, XOOPS offers a number of benefits to its users such as separation between business and presentation logic along with content management.
11-A number of modules allows users to index URLs. However, this feature is not available to every user and only a few are given absolute control for the purpose of carrying out this task.

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