Windows Phone 7.5 – How it aims to take over iOS and Android OS

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Windows Phone 7.5 – How it aims to take over iOS and Android OS

Android and iOS have been great hit in the mobile industry. Almost every average person holding a smartphone is android enabled today. Having the base code of UNIX, android has surely provided eye candy graphics and easy customization. Loads of features are integrated within the phone, with social networking apps, High definition games, HD Movies and what not. Combined with the latest hardware resources like the 1 Ghz Processor, RAM etc. these devices have penetrated deep into peoples mind. Apple has always been innovative in its OS – iOS. This company develops its own hardware and software resources. Features including retina display – which boasts a crystal clear display of very high resolution and a large number of innovative features.

Windows has always been serving the world with one of the most innovative OS for computers. Starting from Windows 97 to Windows 7, it has truly created a revolution in the technology world. Recently, Windows has really been trying out very hard to integrate itself into the mobile world, but it wasn’t getting any hardware partners. But now, Nokia, Dell and Samsung have integrated with Microsoft to create, one of the most innovative mobile OS ever made (at least that’s what they are saying!).

Some of the reasons why Windows 7.5 OS can truly take over Android / iOS are –

Messaging and Social Network Integration

It has very dynamic and live tile formation technique which makes up communications look life-like.  You can even continue your chats which were earlier through messages now through Facebook chat client. Your Facebook events even are integrated into the calendar. All messages are now integrated into a single thread; be it through messages or Chat client.

Windows Phone 7.5 – How it aims to take over iOS and Android OS

Office Management

Office 365 synchronization through phone will be quite easier now. Excel mobile feature integration includes a lot more formulas and macro functions. One Note is also included into the mobile office which allows easier management of the to-do notes.

Photo Management

Pictures you take from your mobile camera will be way too easy to handle now. Features include instant editing and corrections, instant upload to online storage space, or to Facebook and Twitter and tagging of friends etc. There is even an option to fix your photos automatically.

Multimedia Options

Different video formats are now playable. Smart playback management options include efficient media player options. SRS surround sound provides awesome sound qualities and bass. Voice management is also present.

Internet Explorer 9 Mobile

“Hardware-accelerated rendering” provides effortless browsing. It also includes support for “HTML5 audio and video playback” and Geo-location support. It also has a “new JavaScript engine”.


Voice commands get disabled while the gadget is locked. It has a complex PIN support, which is alpha-numeric.

With lots of innovative options available, Windows 7.5 is really above the hood. As Microsoft has strict policy guidelines for device manufacturers integrating Windows 7.5, there are very few mobiles which have come up in the market.

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