Why you should enable RSS on your website

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Why you should enable RSS on your website
RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, does exactly what the name says it does: it helps you syndicate your content really easily. As I have mentioned before in the article about Web 2.0, it’s really important to syndicate your content. The good thing about syndication it’s that it’s not just copying. It’s not like people will use your content and that you will have nothing to gain from it.

You should view syndication as the cheapest form of advertisement, the free form to be precise. It’s funny that for a long time, people were so scared that their content would be used by others, that they didn’t see that it’s the best way to promote your website. Because what looks more appealing: having a website with unique content, and 1000 visitors who read it? Or having your content displayed on ten other websites who each have 10000 visitors, with a label that clearly states the content is yours, with a link to your website. Easy choice right? Well, it took us long enough to realize, just like it took us long enough to realize that the world really isn’t flat (if you don’t believe me, check Google Earth).

So, if you want extra visitors, and you want your content to be all over the place, make sure you find a way to syndicate your content. You can do it automatically with a RSS stream, or manually through a social network site. That’s what we call Really Simple Syndication!

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