Why SSL Certification is necessary for your website

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Why SSL Certification is necessary for your website


With the popularity of the Internet gaining steam in full flow these days, the cases of network fraud have been considerably on the rise. This happens basically because most of the website owners these days are ignorant about how the whole network protocol works and malicious hackers take advantage and rip them off! A network is a connection of numerous computers connected to a web server and when information is exchanged from one site to another, it usually travels through all of the connecting nodes in the network before it reaches its actual destination. So, if this information is sent just in plain text, then there lies the risk of any middle node intervention which can lead to disastrous results if the information sent is something confidential as a credit card number. So, to protect the website from such a hazard, SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Certification is required.

Why SSL Certification is necessary for your website


Diagram showing how SSL encryption works

  • SSL Certification, once enabled, forms an encrypted connection between your website and any visitor’s web browser so that any information that is exchanged between the two of you is not tampered with by anyone else. It ensures it by converting the plain text into an encrypted one thus reducing the chances of eavesdropping.
  • But that is not the primary purpose of SSL Certificates! Certification Authority (CA) provide SSL Certificates to legitimate websites just to ensure their authenticity, so that when a visitor logs on to the website, they understand that it is genuine and one they can trust.
  • So, what happens if a website is actually secured by an SSL Certification? Its URL gets changed and it always begins with an “https” in front of it. This is different from the normal “http” protocol and this “s” at the end ensures that the website is safe and has got an SSL Certification.
  • Even many websites who have got an SSL Certificate, because of their procrastination, don’t show it in the correct manner to their visitor and therefore can lose business. For better functionality, make it visible that you have got your website secured by displaying the safety seal as they are difficult to scam and do make all your site information available for any customer.
  • But many companies nowadays dole out “free certificates” nowadays which are not at all safe and secure. If encountering one such case ask specifically whether your website will get a dedicated IP address and a certificate with your domain name. If not, don’t get certified by them.

Research has shown that online shoppers and social networkers are growing more and more conscious about website security and protection. As much as 60% of online shoppers cancel out orders on the websites they find to have no authorised SSL Certificates. So, if your website doesn’t have that all assuring seal of approval that an SSL certificate provides, then business can get really rough. Therefore, go get your website SSL certified by any government or commercial Certificate Authority for a very small sum and make it safe and secure for its users.

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