Why opt for FFmpeg hosting?

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Why opt for FFmpeg hosting?

There are hundreds of websites that facilitate online video streaming for user uploads. It is amusing to see how different users upload videos of different format, and yet the video gets streamed in the same way. This is because most of these websites opt for FFmpeg hosting.

Features of FFmpeg hosting

1. Converts any video format

It can convert any video format (generally uploaded by the user from their local machines) to the web-optimized flv format so that they can be streamed on the website.

2. Collection of all necessary plug-ins

FFmpeg hosting contains all the necessary files, modules and plug-ins required for streaming of video, and thus no other software is required.

3. Easy to use modular approach

All the scripts and features are in form of modules that can be installed or deactivated easily without affecting other independent modules.

4. Porting external scripts is easy

Although FFmpeg hosting provides a lot of video scripts, more advanced video scripts obtained externally can be easily ported into the existing Ffmpeg hosting.

5. It is free

FFmpeg is a open source GPL licensed software and thus there would be no license or copyright issues, and can be modified as per the website requirements.

FFmpeg is the best option which lets website admins do a lot without getting into the intricacies or the technical details.

BounceWeb provides affortable and efficient FFmpeg hosting service.

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