Why most applications are going the open source way?

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Why most applications are going the open source way?

Till the last decade, most software applications that were created were proprietary products, and the source code behind the software was visible only to the core group of developers. However, the recent trend is to declare the software as open source, and let the source code open for all. Licenses like GPL (General Public License), Apache License, PHP license have come up which allow people to modify codes for their benefit. Let’s look at the reasons why open source is becoming so popular:

A large community of developers

There is a huge community of open source developers who work upon the source code to make it better, or to add new features to it, thus saving the cost of maintaining a paid workforce of developers.

Software can be modified and redistributed

For developers, it is a great platform as they can work upon the live code, modify it and redistribute it without any copyright issues.

The redistributed software retains credit of the original software

The modified and redistributed software would also have to be an open source software, and give due credit to the original product. Therefore, even though there would be different versions and modifications, the software does not lose its identity.

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