Why it’s smart to keep image backgrounds transparent

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So you have a cool website, and you really like the design. The background of your content space is white, and this is why all the images that go with your articles, have a white background as well. That’s nice. And when we’re talking about ten images in total on your website, you can just ignore this article and keep doing the stuff you’re doing.

However, if we’re talking about hundreds of images, or thousands even, you might want to listen to this. I believe you when you say you love the design of your website. I even believe you when you say that you are going to love your website for a long time. But trust me on this, the time will come when your website feels outdated and you are going to think about a new design. Not because your design wasn’t brilliant (it’s marvellous, Van Gogh would be jealous of your talent), but simply because times change, fashion changes and therefore designs change. Nothing weird, just nature.

So let’s say you have this nice website with the white background colour. But in a year of five, trends have changed, and black is the new white. You’re going to have to switch to black, and you redesign your website. How cool, your content can travel along with you to the new website and the glorious new design. But…wait…what’s that? All images have a white background, and that looks terrible on a black background.

This is why you should always use transparent backgrounds, even when it’s a little more time consuming. It won’t be possible for all images, but you’re forgiven if once in a while an old image looks a little weird, everybody knows why. But having all the old images looking weird, is less forgivable, people will think you’re a bad planner, that lacks future vision, which, let’s face it, you do if this is what happened.

So yes, transparent images are more time consuming and maybe even take up a little more space. But they will save you tons of work when you switch to a new design, and your reputation as a visionary will be preserved.

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