Why is blogging so popular?

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Why is blogging so popular?

In the last few years, a term that has been making the buzz in the World Wide Web is blogging. Blogs or web logs are basically a series of entries which are published in the Internet on a personal website or a blog hosting website. It is free to use, and generally people sign up for blogs in order to share their experiences, knowledge and many more! We list the top five reasons why blog has been so popular among the Internet-savvy people.

It gives them a free web space

A personal space on the Internet, where one is free to publish any content of their preference is a great deal, more so when it generally comes for free!

Platform for advertising

Most organizations that publicize itself maintain a blog, wherein they can interact with their customers. This acts as a great marketing tool as it can be used for press releases as well

Knowledge sharing

Developers often blog about their work, sharing things that others might not know. It has indeed developed a culture where people learn from the experience of others.

Power to express beyond words

Blogs are necessarily not just texts, but could also contain pictures, videos and audio, which lets people reach out to a vast audience at once!

Great way to earn money

There are ways in which people can earn money by writing blogs such as reviews on certain products and many more!

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