Why Fantastisco is so fantastic(o)

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When installable CMS systems like Joomla and WordPress were invented, people thought it just couldn’t get any easier. Well, just leave it up to the human race to take something that’s easy, and start complaining about it. Because scripts like Joomla maybe easy to install, you have to check for the latest version, you do need some knowledge about ftp, file attributes and from time to time, you need to walk through the entire process again to install an update to the system.

That should be easier, and can be easier, decided the great minds that created Fantastico. Why not create an automatic installer that helps people install scripts like Joomla. So wait…an installer that installs an installer? Isn’t that like a robot that builds a robot? Is the future here? Are machines taking over the world? No. It sounds complicated and maybe a little frightening, but it’s actually very easy, especially because Fantastico is not something that you have to install yourself. We just happen to know a guy, a very cool guy. Well, a company… Ok it’s us.

When you set up an account at  Bounceweb.com, you can log in to our control panel, and click on Fantastico (you did choose us as a host right?). Then you choose the script that you would like to install, enter the username and password you would like, and click install. And like magic, the whole thing has been installed. Without, downloading, without uploading, without configuring, it’s done. And if you need an update, you can configure Fantastico to do that automatically.

Why Fantastisco is so fantastic? Because it does the hard work for you and because now you really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to install your own website (unless you want to build a website about rocket science, that is).

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