What web promises on the field of healthcare

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What web promises on the field of healthcare

In today’s world INTERNET plays a very important role in our daily life. It has become a part and parcel of our daily routine. Be it pizza, be it entertainment or any information, whatever we want are now available online just only a “click” of our mouse away. Everything we do, everything we want, from hair pin to health care services are available on the net.

What web promises on the field of healthcare

21st Century Health Care: Boons of Internet

Men of today’s era have higher standards of living, more money in the pocket than before, more exposed to globalization and modernization. One thing which is very closely embedded in all these is computer. Now people have more access to the internet. Owing to all this modern health care facilities are now available online.

Now people can locate hospitals and what are the services available there, just by simply sitting at home and surfing the net. Now people can communicate with their doctors simply via emails at very low costs. Consumers can also know about the drugs and medicines available in the market and can know about the substitute of a particular prescribed drug in case of its unavailability.

It not only helped the patients or in terms of economics the consumers but also helped the doctors. It helped the doctors to keep in touch with their patients through emails. Moreover they can monitor their patients even when they are away by simply getting their reports online. Not only these but a doctor can also go for a video conferencing even during surgeries to consult with other and more experienced doctors who are very far away. Internet has almost become successful in turning world into a global village.

What web promises on the field of healthcare

21st Century Health Care: Banes of Internet

With all the good things follow some bad thing, just like darkness following light. People searching for medicines online for particular illness are flooded with choices and they do not know which one to take. Moreover a doctor can diagnose a disease better when he is physically near the patient. Online reception medical reports and diagnosing a disease based on it reduces the efficiency of the doctor. Again consulting a doctor from very far away through internet may result into confusion. For example he may prescribe some medicines which are available in the region of his work but unavailable at the patients’ end and he might not know the substitutes which are available at the patients’ end.


Though there are many difficulties and drawbacks in using the medical services online, but in near future it will prove to be very cheap and effective medium of communication between the patient and the doctor. It will be possible for the near and dear ones of a patient to monitor him at the hospital by simply sitting at home. With advent of newer and better technology a patient can easily communicate with the doctor via video conferencing which though available today but not widespread among the common masses. To conclude with one thing can be said that is the internet is growing by leaps and bounds, it is affecting all the aspects of our lives and so the health care system can’t be left out.

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