What sets Gmail apart from others?

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What sets Gmail apart from others?

As we all know, Google’s Gmail is and probably will remain the most popular email service provider with the masses. The popularity of Gmail can be attributed to several features and services which it provides over the normal e-mailing facilities, and several new and revolutionary concepts which Gmail introduced. Some of them are:

1. Speed

The first and principal advantage of Gmail is its speed. It uses Ajax, and does not require constant refreshing of the page to update the inbox with new mails. E-mail reception and delivery is also faster than other mail providers.

2. Easy access

Gmail can be accessed from a variety of clients. It offers free POP3 and IMAP access using which we can download the emails into the desired mailing clients.

3. Chat while you mail

The revolutionary concept of integrating the chat facility within email is something which Gmail pioneered, and popularised.

4. Huge storage limit

Gmail provides around 3 GB of free storage, and is ever increasing!

5. Fights spam effectively

Gmail provides one of the most stringent spam filters, thus reducing spam in one’s inbox to a great deal.

6. Privacy is pivotal to their policy

Privacy and security is top-notch,and in case of a hijacked account, Gmail provides efficient masures to retrieve the account.

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