What Sets CPanel Apart from Other Web Control Panels

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What Sets cPanel Apart from Other Web Control Panels

Web Hosting Control panels are generally a set of tools and interfaces designated for maintaining and monitoring  hosting account on WWW. These are mainly meant for monitoring server logs, quotas usage, web statistics, FTP accounts, databases, domains, add-on etc.

Webhosting cPanel is the most popular and used control panel worldwide due to its attractive features and easy usability. Day by day the no of users is increasing and cPanel is becoming more popular among common public. So if some problem arises while working with cPanel we can easily get a solution to that problem through different posts available on net.

Client Server Interface

CPanel offers a very friendly client server interface that makes it extremely easy for the user to interact with the software.


Various add-ons are available for this software and it’s very easy to attach these add-ons with cPanel. These add-ons are also frequently updated according to the growing requirements of the people.

Cheap cost and easy available updates

CPanel releases updates to their software quite often. CPanel allows us to get low-cost licenses for their dedicated server clients.

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