What is User Generated Content?

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Somehow it’s in human nature to follow leaders. Countries have a king or a president, ships have a captain, companies have CEO’s, forums have moderators etc (oh I really could go on for a long time, but I will spare you). The same goes for content. Lot’s of people can write or create a good video, but newspapers are written by journalists, and tv is made by professional people. It’s the way things work, or at least worked.

A couple of years ago, Wikipedia introduced a new phenomena, called User Generated Content. The name kind of gives away what it means. It’s literally users generating content. Because why should a small group of people be privileged to generate content, when the power of the masses is much greater. It started with Wikipedia, but soon the idea caught on. Now there are millions of UGC sites, like YouTube, social network sites, and they prove that normal people can combine their powers to fill up a website with great content.

It’s a good thing to think about when building your website. Are you going to do all the hard work yourself? Or are you going to use the power of the masses, and create a website that pretty much fills up itself. One thing to keep in mind though. Just like what happened with reality TV, people are getting tired of the UGC overload. This doesn’t mean that it will go away, but it means that there will be a balance between content written by professional people and UGC. Create a website that has this balance, and you have a nice flow of content, but still the power to steer it in any direction.

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