What is SEO?

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What is SEO?
Another word that you might have heard about a few times is SEO. What does it stand for? Super Energetic Organism? Show Every Organ? Nope, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. (I know abbreviation jokes are lame but I just love writing them, just let me have that pleasure ok?). In other words, it stands for a way of building a website so that search engines can easily find your content.

SEO has to do with all aspects of web building. Designing your web page SEO-style means that you’re not using nested tables (which the search spiders that crawl your website can’t read). Building it SEO means that you design it so that, for example, pages are not called 423425345date645645.php but /webpage-about-a-certain-topic/ in stead. Then there’s also writing SEO-style. This means that you keep search engines in mind when you write an article. Don’t just write anything, write your article, and keep in mind what search phrases people will use when they try to find something. You don’t have to rewrite the entire article, or make it less interesting, just make sure your text has some important lines in them, that will show up when people search for them.

I know, this sounds a little cheap. But it’s pretty useless to fight commercialism. You can’t want to make money with your website and refuse to make some sacrifices at the same time. And it’s not like you’re a sell-out, because it’s not only a technique that will make you money. It will also lead people to the article they’re searching for, so in fact, you’ll be helping them (that should help you sleep at night).

Of course, you can ignore all of this. There’s no such thing as the SEO police (hmm would be cool, freeze, SEOPD!). You can write articles without SEO in mind, and still be successful. But keep in mind, it’s getting harder and harder to attract visitors. If you have trouble with that, go SEO!

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