What has 3G and EDGE in store for communication

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What has 3G and EDGE in store for communication

What has 3G and EDGE in store for communication

3G or 3rd generation of mobile communication networks is technically known as the “International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000)” standard. It is the latest technology in mobile communications. “CDMA2000”, “GSM/EDGE”, “UMTS”, “DECT” and “WiMax” are all possible technologies that are being utilised for the improvement in mobile standards. The main difference between the previous generations of mobile networks with this is its sheer speed. It is capable of handling speeds up to 14 Mbps on a downlink and 5.8 Mbps on an uplink (with HSPDA+). The high speed of mobile internet gives the operators a chance to give a wide new variety of services previously unknown to the computer world. It is now possible to take up simultaneous voice as well as data calls without interruption. “Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution” is the successor of traditional GSM service. Its data speed lies somewhere between traditional GPRS and 3G. It is capable of offering quite high data rates with slight or very small modifications on the consumer’s part.

Though 3G was first showcased first in October 2001, it was not very popular until 2005. As of now, 3G is operating in more than 40 countries. Even though it was costly at first, the services provided were irresistible for the tech- savvy people.

Enhanced Data rates

Data rates as high as 14 Mbps were attained, but a minimum of 2 Mbps for stationery or walking users and at least 384 Kbps on moving vehicles should be the data rate as specified. Operators serving 3G serve such great data rate that, they also qualify themselves as broadband data providers.


Since real-time encryption and decryption require a powerful processor (of the device) on the client side and a higher bandwidth on the operator’s side, these technologies were not much in vogue commonly. But with the advent of 3G, this has been converted to reality. In some 2G networks even though security was there, it is not adequate to match today’s growing threats. A new technique called “User Equipment Authentication” has been introduced to easily detect an impersonator and authenticate only the real person. Application level security is also much increased through the application frameworks but these are not proprietary to 3G.

Varied applications

Higher available bandwidth also gets us to experience a new wave of applications, which require faster data transfer rates from the internet. Some applications are as follows

Live streaming

Television on the go and many other videos, songs and movies are available 24×7 from specific service providers. The movies specifically are also available on demand


Many new medical types of equipment have come up based on the web services. These gadgets constantly monitor a patient’s health and report to authorities in case of any problem.

Video conferencing

Video calls which previously required a webcam and a computer can now be done simply from your mobile. Only requirement is that you have a mobile which has a camera on the front side.

Location based services

Many new location and GPS based services are also available like local maps etc.

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