What does Google Labs have in store for Gmail Users

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What does Google Labs have in store for Gmail Users

For the Gmail users Google has introduced a new labs section. This labs section offers its users a lot of new features which are already in the experimental stage and are liked by its users. Depending upon the user’s feedback they will be incorporated. In the Gmail settings, it is available in the form of a tab with all the new features available and explanations attached to it. A green flask icon appears when the users enable a lab on the upper right corner of the Gmail window allowing users to edit his/her lab setting quickly with a click. Apart from providing Gmail lab for individual users, Google also offers separate Gmail lab section for large enterprises and business houses. Here below are some of the key features of G-mail labs.

What does Google Labs have in store for G-mail Users

Offline Gmail

With this option one can have access to his/her old mails even when he/she is not online. This it can be used like any other mail client where all messages would be downloaded onto the user’s computer.

Canned Responses

One can save the standard email templates under this feature on mails. This can be used later by highlighting the menu and selecting the item from the drop-down menu.

What does Google Labs have in store for G-mail Users

Undo send

This option the give you time to retrieve and edit the just send messages before resending.

Message translation

Labs tab allows the messages in one language to be translated to another language which is selected by the user.

Preview features

By clicking this option under the labs tab one can preview the photos, videos and reviews on YOU Tube/ Picasa / Flickr/ and Yelp right inside the email.

Stops users from sending message to wrong people

This new feature in Google labs is called “Don’t forget Bob” and “Got the wrong Bob? It will prevent the users from making some common mistakes like emailing the wrong person or forgetting to email someone. Suggestions are given as alert messages so that one can correct it.

Themes lab

More than thirty options are available to personalize the look and feel of your g-mail account by visiting themes lab. Every day one can search for different themes.


While you are in the g-mail you can track your small tasks. Look for your task link when you turn on the lab feature.

What does Google Labs have in store for G-mail Users

With the above important lab features some other features like Google calendar, Docs and gadgets and advanced IMAP control etc. are also available. These lab features have been made available to the g-mail users recently. It was in beta for the past four years. The features which are included in this are exposed to the public after a thorough internal check by Google labs. Anyway they have got the ability to disable them through a separate designated URL. While handling the lab feature if someone gets any problem he can disable it by appending /? Labs=0 to the URL after the domain name. For all Google applications G-mail labs are available but the option to disable the labs feature is available only for Google application meant for education and business.

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