What Does Different Web Domains Stands for

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What Does Different Web Domains Stands for

The primary layout to be done for showing online presence on internet is the domain name. It enables people to find out our designed site on internet. Every domain name is given an independent IP (INTERNET PROTOCOL) by the service provider. This domain converts this numeric IP to words for easy recognizition and understanding. Also a domain name once setup cannot be changed forever. Single user id can be used for creating only a single domain name.

Most popular domains are:-


Here com stands for company or commercial. Dot is used to tell the computer where the site name ends. These are mainly meant for commercial and profitable organizations.


Here net stands for administration of network. It is mainly used for network purposes. These are not meant for commercial purposes.


It stands for organization. These are mainly used by non profitable organization. They are no meant for profit making like charitable organizations. Anyone can register in .org domain name for any purpose.


It stands for information. It is meant for resource, data and information exchange over net. These are used by non profitable and non commercial organizations.


It stands for business and is used by business making companies.

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