What cloud computing stores for us in future

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What cloud computing stores for us in future

Cloud Computing is the most advanced and intellectual technology associated with internet. It is simple means “INTERNET BASED COMPUTING”. Under this concept there is sharing of software, resources and other important information to a computer or other networking devices which is on demand, just like electricity grid. Cloud computing comprise of paradigm shift, which is followed from mainframe shift to client server shift since 1980. The internal details are hidden from the normal user who has nothing to do with the internal integrities of the software. Thus implementing, data abstraction. Also cloud computing sets a new consumption and the delivery model to modify the IT services on Internet.

Proper meaning of Cloud Computing

In cloud computing, cloud is symbolic metaphor for Internet. On the basis of this cloud drawing telephone networks were represented in the past. Later when the concept of internet came, this concept was used in designing the network diagram for inter-connecting the computers over internet. Thus Cloud computing givers provides online business applications accessed from other software or web servers like Web Browser, but the data and the software are stored on the main server. Almost all cloud computing servers deliver services through inbuilt servers and common centers. Thus cloud computing is meant for giving quality services to customers. The most popular cloud computing providers includes Google, Amazon and Sales force.

What cloud computing stores for us in future

Future applications of Cloud computing

Today the major application of cloud computing is in the region of storage and this is expected to increase further in the next five years, but after that period the concept of cloud computing will reach further limits and the practical application of this concept will increase further. According to Tom Clark an IBM engineer thought application of cloud computing in storage management will increase but various other applications on network management will also gather momentum like servers for file transfer, databases and many others. Thus cloud computing concept is not simply meant for storage but for various other applications and this massage will get globalized in each and every corner of the world.

What cloud computing stores for us in future

Future applications of cloud computing

Mobile Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the future of the modern web technology. But it is not simply restricted to computers, clients and storage but it will get further extended mobile platform and will a heavy impact on mobile technology, according to the analysis of ABI Research. The exact meaning of this term refers to the wonderful infrastructure in which data storage and data processing takes place simultaneously outside the device. The most common application of mobile cloud computing today includes Google Maps, mobile Gmail and various other navigation applications.

Miscellaneous applications

The concept of cloud computing is not restricted to a specific field but its spreading in every direction on the networking sector. Various applications include real time data application, social networking, GPS system and many others to meet the growing needs of the people.

Thus the introduction of cloud computing technology in the world of networking has revolutionized the entire world but the major portion of this development still remains in the hands of the future. Thus cloud computing will play a very vital role in fulfilling our future needs.

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