Web Standards that are followed today

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Web Standards that are followed today

With the internet and World Wide Web playing a role in virtually every aspect of our lives, it is important that every website created conform to a set of accepted standards and technical specifications collectively referred to as Web Standards. These set of standards affect the development and administration of websites either directly or indirectly, and govern various aspects of the internet like interpretability, accessibility and usability of web pages. The following are the parameters considered while assessing web standards:


Extensible mark up Language is a set of tools designed for emphasizing on simplicity, generality and usability over the internet in a textual data format. It focuses mainly on documents and is widely used to represent arbitrary data structures in web services.


Cascading Style Sheets, used to describe the presentation semantics is enables the separation of document content from document presentation including elements like layouts, colours and fonts.


Document Object Model is instrumental in representation and interaction of objects associated with HTML, XHTML and XML documents. It has the unique features of being fast, memory efficient and being language independent.

ECMA script

This is one of the most widely used scripting languages, which has distinguishing features like class module system, bug fixing and backwards compatibility.

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