Web Hosting Technologies

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Web Hosting Technologies

There are different technologies that are in use today for hosting websites, and the main determinant of the kind of technology to be used for hosting would mainly intended purpose of the site, the operating system that the user would wish to run their server on and the traffic that is expected to the website to be developed. Other considerations in making this choice would be the costs that are associated with the specific technology.

Among the most common web hosting technologies are for web hosting that is specific to the operating system is the Unix Hosting which runs on the Unix platform, that is generally known to be a cheaper option to Windows hosting and more reliable as well. It would be worthy to note that this was the first web server platform to be used. Linux Hosting is specific to the Linux platform as well.

Some technologies allow users without much knowledge of web development to develop web sites, and this is because most of the groundwork like page-counters is preinstalled. These are Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage. The Dreamweaver technology supports several other technologies that are in use like PHP, and CSS.

In making busy, dynamic and highly interactive web sites, the databases would be developed on MySQL database and PHP technology, which is widely used because it is free, efficient and can be altered to the web developers’ specific desire since it is open-source. PHP is mainly used for developing highly interactive websites as its code can be easily attached to HTML code.

Where there are security concerns in the types of data that will be stored in the servers and transmitted to specific users, there is reason to have a secured and protected hosting. The technology used is Secure Server which transmits encrypted data. These would mostly be web sites supporting online trading where transactions are involved or where intelligence content and communication is part of the intended use.

Other technologies in use are JSP which can create web pages by inserting Java code in HTML pages, CGI whose script codes are executables and would be used in making interactive web pages.

The range of web hosting technologies is quite wide, depending on the developer of a website and their interest, there is a technology that fits different situations. It would however be necessary to consider the type of database that would be put to use. Web sites can be hosted for free, as Free Hosting, or Shared Hosting where the server is shared between several sites or as Dedicated hosting, where a server only hosts one website.

BounceWeb offers shared hosting with PHP, MySQL, JSP, a SiteBuilder and a friendly control panel called cPanel to help you get started.

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