Web Hosting Considerations

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Web Hosting Considerations

Do you have a website and all you need is a web hosting provider? It is important to get to know a few things about web hosting before you choose a company to host your website. The first thing you need to know and understand is what exactly it is that you require in your website hosting. If you want to host a personal website, then all you need is plenty of disk space – enough for the website and the host. For other types of website, especially those that deal with online businesses, then you will need to consider a few things before you choose a host.

You need to consider the kind of hosting you want. If it is for heavy traffic or if your website requires complex applications, what you need is dedicated hosting. You can choose Shared hosting for much simpler websites. You can also choose between Linux and Windows Hosting. If your website has server technologies such as PHP, JSP or MySQL you would probably consider a Linux based web host.

Another important consideration is space and bandwidth requirements. If your website will have a lot of downloading of material, then you will require disk space that is 15 to 30 GB. You will have to do an accurate estimate of the bandwidth you need if your website is expected to receive a lot of traffic. Parked Domains and sub-domains are some of the most important features that your web hosting provider should have. In case you have co-workers on your website project working from different areas, you will need many FTP Accounts. If you plan to allow the users to gain access certain directories on your web server, then an Anonymous FTP is useful. Get a hosting provider that has e-commerce features if you must have them.

Other Web Hosting Considerations

A proper web hosting provider should have more than 99.5% uptime. Make sure that your website operates on a 24 hour basis if it is business oriented. Get a web hosting provider with a server that is fast enough to meet all your requirements. It is recommended that you the hosting provider should have a fiber option connection to the Internet server. Ensure that your site does not take more than 30 seconds to load. The web hosting provider should have Server backups that can keep data from getting lost.

The web hosting provider you choose should have disk space and bandwidth that satisfies your website requirements.  The hosting provider should also provide CGI, SSH, FTP and Anonymous FTP access. The provider’s software should be extensive. It should also have POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts as well as web-based e-mail, mailing lists and antivirus. To make sure that you are risk free, choose a provider that has a money-back guarantee. If you follow all the above mentioned considerations, you will have a web hosting provider that will help your website be a success story.

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