Ways of Online Marketing via Social Network

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Ways of Online Marketing via Social Network

One of the ways of doing online marketing is through Social network websites. Many business houses prefer social networks for their marketing as it always results in success. Here without much effort and at a lower expense all the product and services can be marketed. To be successful in business one has to adopt online marketing via social networks. As social network sites cater to large number of users worldwide the marketing products and services reach a larger target group. Business people can be a member of these sites by opening an account where they can enlighten their potential customers about their services and product. They enhance the sale of their product. As the products reach the customers all over the world they can send the products by courier or posts to different countries without any extra cost of marketing. A person in India can get a product from US at his doorstep.


Here are few ways of marketing on social networking sites

Important social network marketing sites

Face book, Twitter, My space, LinkedIn are some of the approved  networking sites which   can be used directly to promote sales.

Selling of product by posting article

This is one of the cheaper methods of online marketing. This is done through writing articles on the product and services thereby attracting countless number of users.


Through blogging on social networking sites one has to post the information of the product which may not help initially in marketing but later on it results in a big business. In recent years marketing via blogs on social network has become a powerful tool in comparison to other tools. Apart from just marketing your business one can communicate with the other clients in case of any problem through blogs.

Sending of Emails

Another way of online marketing through social networking is sending of emails. Send email about your business to the internet users after collecting the addresses through networking web sites. The content of the mail should be impressive and effective to generate a response.

Video distribution

Social networking websites upload the videos of your products to the whole world. As a part of marketing one has to do a video of his services and send it to video distribution sites like You tube for promotion.

Search engine optimization

One can improve the marketing through social networking sites by increasing the traffic to the websites. The increase in traffic to website is better done by search engine optimization.


The present social networks allow the businessmen to have an affordable space for the period of time they need it to be exposed to the customers. In the computer savvy world many people use the social networking sites as a medium of communication. This becomes an advantage to expose your business to the people who use social networking sites. Customers can order a product by sitting at home or while on move and get it delivered at their doorstep. So business through social networking sites creates good relationship with customers.
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