Video formats for the Web

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Video formats for the Web

With the increasing demand for multimedia on the internet, it has become important for websites to show videos that are at the same time very compatible with all platforms and can stream very fast (has a high compression rate). Here are a few video formats optimized for the Web:

1. SWF

The Shockwave Flash video format has long been popular on the internet because of its platform independent nature, with users just needing a browser plugin to view such files.

2. AVI

This is a container format , meaning a format in which the video is encoded by another codec. It is very well-supported on the Windows platform.

3. MPG

The MPEG-1 video format is very popular on the Internet. This is because it is supported on all major platforms and browsers.

4. MOV

This is the Apple Quicktime video format. Even though it requires Quicktime to run, it is quite popular due to the availability of Quicktime as free software.

5. RM

The Real video format, custom-made for Low Bandwidth connections. It has very fast streaming, but it has its cons. Because of being made for low bandwidth connections, the video quality is not high, and it can only be played by Real Player.

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