Using Sendmail with PHP

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Using Sendmail with PHP

Using Sendmail with PHP

Advancement in communication system gave mankind new arena for communicating with other people on this planet via internet which is one of the fastest and the cheapest modes of communication system. It’s a boon to mankind. The E-mail is the most popular form of conveying ones’ information to the others at rates which were unthinkable till present era. Now there are various protocols regarding the transfer of mails and their delivery systems on the internet. Using Sendmail with PHP is a way of communicating with others by following certain protocols on the internet or the cyber space as popularly known as.


Sendmail refers to a general purpose routing facility that is used for the inter network transfer of various mails and delivery methods. This facility includes Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) for the transfer of mails on the internet. Sendmail is a mail transfer agent and is perhaps the most popular mail transfer agent frequently used on the internet. Sendmail is popular due to the fact that its position as standard mail transfer agent under the available versions of UNIX and many other operating systems which are similar to the UNIX.ARPANET delivermail, the original version of which was written by Allman, was shipped in 1979. The sendmail was then derived from its predecessor delivermail by Allman himself in early 1980s in UC Berkley.

By 2001 most of the mail servers which could reach to public very easily and in a widespread manner used Sendmail as the mail transfer agent on the internet. The main idea behind the design of the Sendmail was incorporation of a great deal of flexibility. But it may be very much intimidating for the rookies. It requires the usage of M4, a macro language which is used for hiding the complexity of the configuration, for the distribution of the packages of standard configuration which are delivered along with their source code. Sendmail supports a variety of transfer protocols including the DECnets, SMTP, ESMTP and many more.


Using Sendmail with PHP

PHP on the other hand is the Hypertext Pre-processor. This is a scripting language. It was developed with an aim of producing web pages which are dynamic in nature. Owing to this purpose, the PHP codes are often embedded into source documents of the HTML documents. They are then construed by the web servers having a module of the PHP processor, which are used for begetting webpage documents. PHP was actually the acronym for Personal Home Page. It was created by a Danish programmer Rasmus Lerdorf. In the absence of formal specification the effectuation of the PHP is put to realisation by the PHP group which provides the de-facto specification for the PHP.

Sendmail with PHP

Sendmail is a routing facility whereas PHP is a general purpose scripting language. Sendmail with PHP can be used to send a simple text e-mail, or an e-mail with HTML content, or with any other attachments. The PHP uses the mail () function for sending any mail. Basically PHP was developed as scripts as C programming language with Common Gateway Interface. The mail () function returns the value True if the message is sent successfully or false if its delivery fails.

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