Using JavaScript and PHP to validate forms

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Using JavaScript and PHP to validate forms

When we need to construct a website the most important thing that we need is a form, which is considered as the best method of collecting vital information from the visitors. The size and content of the form varies according the requirements like the subscription membership form is very large compared to login form, as it requires a lot of more information than the later. As the size of the form increases the processing cost and time increases and also it requires more advanced and expert programmers to solve this challenge.  The two important fields where need to focus about these forms are the gathering and intrusion to gather maximum useful data from the visitors. With the help of some tools we can eliminate almost ninety five percentages of intruders and letting visitors to provide only that useful information that we want. Such for optimization tools for inspection is available for both server and clients. The most popular tools on client side are various types of scripting languages, like Java-script, which is the most popular one for limiting and checking of form data. Similarly on the server side the recognized tool is known PHP.

Subscription membership form

using java-script and php to validate forms

Login form

Using java-script and php to validate forms

Facts about JavaScript

Java script as specified above is the most popular scripting language on the client side for designing web pages. The code of Java script is in HTML format and it works without any intervention of the client but can be modified by the client according to the requirement. Also the effects of the java script remains with the client till it is being submitted to server. This is not a programmable language rather a scripting language on the client side and deals with the objects on web pages.

Loophole of JavaScript

This scripting language is not a secured tool, as the main source files are sent to clients. Java script also sets some set of rules to prevent the use of the tool for evil intension but experts are able to break these rules to design malicious objects. So use of java script for form validations should be done with proper guidance.

Utilization of JavaScript and PHP for reducing traffic

Java scripts are capable to control the HTML objects and are able to control the network traffic s between the client and the server. When we have the access of bout java script and PHP, then we allow the java script to first check the constraints and also the client side, the rest of the work is handed to the PHP to manage the server side traffic and other related matters on the server side. Thus java script and PHP together helps in controlling the traffic and makes the process of validation of form more comfortable.

Data transfer operation between PHP and JavaScript

Sometimes there is a need to send some data back to client from server side for validation process. PHP has this feature too to send back the data to java script. This can be done by two ways, the first way is to add the PHP code directly in <> so this is can be easily identified by the java script and the second way is to inject a hidden input field to the page and integrate its value with the PHP. This feature allows a bidirectional data transfer making form validation more convenient.

Forms look a lot better when created using PHP with JavaScript and Bounceweb Hosting!

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