Using Google Analytics to optimize your website statistics

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Using Google Analytics to optimize your website statistics

Google analytics is a popularly used free service offered by Google, which is aimed at marketers, providing detailed statistical records regarding the visitors to a website. GA provides analytical data through techniques such as funnel visualization and custom visitor segmentation, which helps to identify poorly performing pages and advertisements.

1. Number of visitors

GA provides information regarding the number of visitors based on a specified time scale and the geographical locations of the visitors.

2. Visit details

GA also provides detailed information regarding the page views and duration during which the visitors stayed. It can also provide the bounce rate, that is, how many users bounced in and out of a page, and how many stayed longer. Pages with greater bounce rates need to be checked and made more visitor-friendly.

3. Internet and Browser settings

Information regarding the internet connections and browser settings of visitors helps to optimize the website features so as to attract maximum traffic.

4. Keyword tracking

GA keeps a track of the keywords which led the visitors to your site. From this information, it is possible to deduce how successful the search marketing strategy of the website is, and apply similar techniques to less popular pages.

5. Adwords optimization

GA can combine analytics with Adwords to optimize marketing strategies and campaigns.

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