Using Eclipse idea to create java web applications

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Using Eclipse idea to create Java web applications

Web applications are extensions to application servers. They are classified into two types, one is service oriented and the other is presentation oriented. These applications are designed using Java. Components like servlets and endpoints are made use of. These applications run on different computers. They make use of other servers or networks in order to communicate. It can even be simple as well as very complex with many details. The programming language Java is used because it comes with many packages for web application designing. The servlet technology is the framework of the process of web designing. Servlets are basically like classes.

How to install Eclipse

Installing Eclipse is quite easy. You have to just unzip the archive and run the  .exe file. Later launch the program with the Eclipse Workbench.  Eclipse is open source software and can be downloaded from its official site  The current version of Eclipse is 3.6.1

Using Eclipse idea to create java web applications

Usage of eclipse idea makes web application designing easier

Eclipse is additional multi-language software and also a plug in system. It is written in various programming languages. The widely used language is Java. It provides an environment for software development. It is suitable in its basic form for Java developers.

This software is open source which makes it free of cost as well as allows the user to modify the source code. It works best in the runtime environment provided by Java and is considered to be the best tool available for web applications based on java as it provides editing with cross referencing and validation.

Servlet Technology

It is a very important technology made available by Java and the simplest model for the creation of a web application. For creating a Java servlet you have to take care of Java Server Pages. It is similar to HTML but the basic difference it has embedded Java codes. The details we fill in the pages are first input and then it is sent to the servlet and it connects the user to the next page that is to be followed.

Using Eclipse idea to create java web applications

Steps to be followed while using Eclipse

First the software has to be installed and then a new project is to be created which can be selected from the main menu. Then select the option dynamic web project available under the option web. Then the runtime of the target is to be provided by the user. If the user is using eclipse for the first time then one needs to define a new server which can be reused for other projects too. The present version of eclipse web tools project used is 0.7.1. It is further upgraded to version 3.3 which is also available.

Advantages of Eclipse

It has made many developments over its previous versions. It has a better debugging support and also includes hyperlink stepping. It has a quicker navigation feature and the development is task focused. Also one of the good aspects of Eclipse is that it is very extendible and supports good plugins (e.g. CDT, PHPEclipse).

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