Using CubeCart hosting

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Using CubeCart hosting

CubeCart is an online shopping cart uses a scripting language called PHP which is used for the purpose of creating vibrant web pages. MySQL may also be used from time to time.
The process of installing CubeCart is easy and quick wherein the software is installed into the users BounceWeb hosting account. Every hosting account comes equipped with a Fantastico DeLuxe. This is an easy to access scrip installer. All the user has to do is create a username along with a password. After that, the Zen Cart is installed onto your computer system. The user can now add products as well as other features to his online store.
CubeCart is software that is inexpensive. That being said, the process of installation is absolutely free. But the user must keep in mind that the software holds a copyright. However, the user can contact the software operator and buy a License Key if he wants the copyright removed.
An added benefit of CubeCart is that the user is given full freedom to generate and supervise every area of the online store so created including those areas connected to products, picking slips, costing as well as invoices.

Therefore, to sum it up, CubeCart is an online shopping cart which offers the following features and benefits:1-The categories of products in the online store are placed in several levels offering the benefit of easy location. Due to this feature, customers are able to find the product they want without complications or delays.

2-CubeCart offers the facility of allowing customers to search for products. This search engine makes it easy for them to locate the product they want effortlessly.

3-The software offers the feature of switching the sale mode on and off as and when desired.

4-The customer is required to create and account with the online store. This not only offers a number of benefits to the customer but also allows the business to build goodwill.

5-The software also allows the customer to access his/her history of orders, allowing them to keep a check on the same. It also allows them to check the progress of their present order.

6-The software allows the customer to inform a friend about his experiences with a certain product. This not only increases the customer base of the online store but also helps the business by giving it a good name.

7-This software understands the dynamic nature of the business environment and allows the addition/removal as well as editing of existing products as well as their categories within the framework of the existing administration.

8-CubeCart allows its customers to search for each other and also provides an ip address for safety purposes. This equips the customer with added protection and security.

9- The customer is also given the opportunity to manage bulk emails within the framework of the existing administration. Alongside, the customer is also able to carry out email dump with the help of software created for the purpose of managing bulk emails.

 BounceWeb has reliable cubecart hosting

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