Using Cpanel to backup your resources

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Using Cpanel to backup your resources

We all know the importance of backing of resources while doing any important project, because if something goes wrong while dealing with the main files during runtime then one may easily recover those files from the back up, thus this backing up system helps us a lot in preserving our important resources, which may be very useful at the time of crisis. This same strategy is used while designing and maintenance of website resources. It is very essential to backup the website resources during its designing and maintenance, so that if by any chance the main file system or database crashes one will have the complete freedom to restore the resources of the website from the backup system for its successful execution, thus proving us a very effective weapon to try some experiment with the website resources without any risk included. Cpanel is very effective software which provides us a very effective and efficient tool for backup of the website resources in a very easy and quick manner.

using cpanel to backup your resources

Need of Cpanel backup system

CPanel is very much required for backup purpose to restore the original resource files of the website on to the web space, in case the main database of the server where the website is hosted crashes. This may happen due to many reasons, like if power supply goes off from the server without prior warning which may crash the hard disk of the server, if the server room sets on fire due to any internal problem resulting in destroying of hosted website resources or any other natural calamity which may result in destruction of server resources. Thus at this time Cpanel backup feature is very required to restore the previously hosted resources over net.

How to backup web resources using Cpanel hosting

This involves the following steps

First one needs to log into the Cpanel of that website whose resources need to be backup.

Then we have to move to file option and have to click on the Backup option. One may also use the backup wizard which also works in the same manner.

The one needs to click on the “Generate / Download” for full backup of the system.

Then to set the backup destination one needs to choose the Home Directory and has to enter to the email address. Then leaving the rest of the field blank one need to click on the “Generate Backup” option.

This completes the user work for backing up, a notification will be send to the email address of the user who requested for the backup, after completion of the backup process.

Cpanel backup windows

using cpanel to backup your resources

Testing of the Cpanel backup

For this one need to download the backup file. This can be done by clicking on the backup option under the Files.  Then click on the “Generate / Download” under the full backup option. Then click on the download option to download the latest backed up resource on to the computer. Then one should restore the website from that backup file in a new web space to check its successful backing up.

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