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Twitter is an odd creature. Not many people out there really know what twitter is or why use it. Well, I’m going to tell you..

Think of Twitter like you mom when you were like 5. Everywhere you went and everything you did you told your mom. Well Twitter is just a place you just rant and rave about things, random stuff. Did you find a dollar in your old jeans? Tweet about it (tweet is the act of posting on twitter). See a hot chick on the bus? Tell everyone!

Once you get an account you can post a link in your profile to your homepage. This is one of the places people look to find out more about you. If they find you interesting, they will checkout you site too. Then go and search out interesting people. Find some that you like and follow them, heck they might even teach you a thing or two.

The advantages of using Twitter are that people get to know you, and hopefully gain some interest in you. That’s where the traffic will come from. It’s going to come from you going on Twitter every 5 minutes and saying “go check out my blog”. The only thing that is going to do is just get people all torque and maybe damn you to some spam hell or something. So just go there and start talking about yourself, start following some other people and chances are they will follow you back. This will get you a bigger crowd to talk to and get more people to see your link.

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