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Not so long ago, web statistics were pretty useless. There were thousands of sites that kept track of your visitors, but how they calculated these numbers differed with each service. Plus, a lot of those services weren’t really secure, and could be tampered with. The result; People lying about their visitors, companies started to realize this and gave people who really were sincere a hard time by not believing their stats.

Once again it was Google who came up with a solution (actually it’s starting to become scary how much influence these guys have): Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a service that tracks the activity on your website, with the help of a little script you install on your site, on every page of your website actually. Because of this, Google can generate information on just about anything that happens on your website.

For example, if you install Google Analytics, you’ll know how long people stay on your website, what pages they visit, how long they stay on each page, which page they leave from, what browser they use, what their resolution is and much, much more. And on top of that, I would almost forget, it shows you how much visitors you have, and how many page views those visitors are generating. Because Google is a trusted source (let’s see how that is in about ten years) people actually rely on the figures, especially because you can send them through Google (so you can’t tamper with them).

But the visitor count is actually just a side-effect. The coolest thing about Analytics is that you can figure out what are the strong and weak spots of your website, and deal with them accordingly. Then, you can link it to AdSense, and the circle is complete. Google saves the world (until we need to be saved from Google)!

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