Top web threats of this decade

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Top web threats of this decade

With the booming rise in popularity of the World Wide Web, many kinds of threats have arisen pertaining to it. Here are the top web threats of this decade –

1. Phishing

Phishing is short for Password Fishing, using the analogy of the way it functions to fishing. A fake web page which pretends to be the website with which you own an account (often is a clone of it) asks you for your password and steals it. High forms of phising do not even let you understand that your password was stolen, redirecting you to the correct page once the password is stolen

2. Identity Theft

In this case, a person uses another person’s or organisation’s identity on a web service to take benefits of the account. This kind of theft is often commercial in nature. This has even been used by terrorsts to mislead security forces by using other people’s accounts for transactions or mailing.

3. Fake profiles on social networking websites

Many people over the world have reported abuses where profiles were created on networking websites using their identity and sometimes their images, and the victims were defamed or abused publicly. This is all the more dangerous because it is very easy to carry out.

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