Top web-optimized image formats

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Top web-optimized image formats

The World Wide Web offers huge content in terms of images to a user. But the limited internet bandwidth imposes a new kind factor as to what image formats are used for the web. Initially, bitmap images were used on the web. As time passed, the following image formats developed as the most popular on the web. They are optimized for size, and also so that a preview of the image can be shown while it is still being loaded.


This is the most widely used image format on the web, because this was the first image format custom-made for the web. It has very low size and high compression rate of around 80-90%. However, it uses lossy compression, so image quality is degraded slightly.


This is an old standard and is still heavily used because it is small in size and allows for animation. This is often useful when showing a video with a very few frames, and is used quite often for this purpose.


This is a new image format that uses a lossless compression algorithm. It has a good compression factor and allows for transparency. It is gaining popularity and is set to take over JPEG as the web image format of the future.

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