Top Ten Google Tips

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Top Ten Google Tips

Having a website is not just enough. One needs to optimize it in a way that it ranks higher in Google search pages. It is not a tough job after all if a few steps are followed. Here are the top ten google tips that would help you improve the google search ranking of your web page.

1. Use original content

The first and most important of the top ten google tips is to keep original website content, as Google has strict policy against plagiarized contents.

2. Optimize the homepage first

For a new site, one must choose a good domain name, and optimize the index page first.

3. Implement basic HTML

Editing the HTML code can help in improving search engine rankings to a great extent.

4. Select the correct keywords

Keywords should cater to what other users are likely to search, and not just what the website is about!

5. Proper content on the selected keyword

There should be sufficient text in the website that uses the keywords.

6. Use meta tags efficiently

Meta keywords and descriptions should be such that it describes the website and has the proper keywords

7. Create back links

Google calculates rankings on popularity and clicks per website, so back links are very useful

8. Choose a proper title

The HTML title tag is very important for search rankings and should have the keywords

9. Keep track of your page rankings

Installing the Google toolbar would help keeping a tab on your page rankings.

10. Use the “301” code for web page redirection

The 301 code is search engine friendly and should be used if pages are moved or renamed.

If these top ten google tips are followed, then the result is bound to show within weeks!

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