Top security issues while accessing Internet over mobile devices

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Top security issues while accessing Internet over mobile devices

With a surge of smart phones in the ever expanding Mobile market it is time the world shifted from your desktop to the palm of your hand.  The conventional click is being replaced by a swipe of the hand. According to a recent survey more than 63 million urban users worldwide use their mobile for accessing the internet on a monthly basis. With the advent of 3G networks and better wireless connectivity, accessing the internet via mobile is becoming increasingly popular. However, internet access using mobile always involves a few risks.

Owing to the absence of well developed anti-virus software for mobiles they are always prone to spam, viruses and other malicious content. Such infection is usually characterised by the following abnormalities:

Abnormal Phone Bill

A large unexpected increase in the phone bill would mean that the phone account is being misused.

Freezing of handset

Sudden hanging, malfunctioning or restarting of the mobile phone indicates presence of virus in the handset

Unauthorised usage of email accounts

Unidentified e-mails and messages in the ‘sent’ folder would mean that the phone email account has been hacked.

Changes in configuration

Uncalled for changes in the user interface, background, wallpapers and color settings could either mean virus attack or remote access to the device.

However, with many new mobile operating systems up for the launch a solution to these problems should not be very far.

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