Top four viruses that shook the internet

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Top four viruses that shook the internet

While computer viruses have been causing mayhem in the cyber world for quite some time, some of them have certainly stood out for their ingenuity in making, spectacular methods and scale of damage in the virtual as well as the real world. Here are four of the most deadly viruses that literally shook the world wide web-

I love u

This multipurpose virus hit users through emails, IRC chats, files transfers and affected the registry. It was supposed to have originated in Philippines and caused an estimated damage of 8-10 billion USD.


Developed by David L. Smith in New Jersey, who was later convicted, the virus operated through Microsoft Outlook and harvested the victims address book to forward itself to more victims which killed a lot of email servers.

My Doom Internet Worm

It originated in 2004 and worked in two stages. In the first stage, it infected Operating Systems and made them vulnerable and in the second stage, a few months later, it crashed and congested search engines like Google, thereby slowing them down.


Nimda spelt backwards it reveals its prime targets: ‘admin’ and servers. It holds the record for the fastest spreading virus and used up to 5 different methods to infect computers, servers and websites.

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