Top five web-based mail clients

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Top five web-based mail clients

We all know about GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail as most of us have been using it for our email requirements. However, there exists other email clients which are specially optimized for web hosting packages. Here are the top five:

1. Neomail

Neomail is a web based email system which allows us to read, send and respond to incoming emails from any internet connection. The only pre requisites are an internet connection and a web browser. It is extremely useful when one is travelling, as one can view the mails using any browser.

2. Squirrelmail

Squirrelmail is a standards-based web mail provider which has been written using PHP. It includes in-built pure PHP support for both IMAP and SMTP, with no need for javascript as all pages are rendered in pure HTML 4.0, thus making it compatible across almost all web browsers..

3. AIM Mail

AIM Mail, which is AOL’s free email service, provides one of the best facilities for web mail providers, with unlimited online storage, very good spam protection and a very user friendly interface.

4. Care2 E-mail

Care2 E-mail service provides all the normal functionalities of a free email service provider, with a charitable purpose thrown in too.

5. GMX mail

GMX mail is a free mail provider with a good spam and virus filter, 5 GB of online storage and a rich web interface.

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