Top Five Sides of PHP Scripts

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Top Five Sides of PHP Scripts

Top Five Sides For PHP Scripts

We know that this era is a digital on the basis of everything. Everything is digitally signature. Even we can’t say anything which does not relate the cyber territory. So, here comes the point of thinking about how the digital signatures are made. Here comes the word “PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE”. A programming language digitally signatures a digital equipment. There are different kinds of programming languages which are used now-a-days.

Different Kinds of Programming Languages

Mainly programming languages are same if we consider the concepts. Though there exist different kinds of programming languages like C, C++, VB (Visual basic), ASP (Active Server Pages), ASP.NET, VB.NET, PHP, JAVA, Server Side JavaScript, Python etc. These all are same according to their concepts. They differ in the sense of their usage in syntax. Some of these programming languages are grouped according to the ease of access. Like ASP, PHP are considered to be in the Web Programming Language Group. Python is in software development group. VB is also in software development group. Though software can also be made using the web programming languages also.

PHP in Different Aspects

PHP is considered now-a-days to be a web programming language though everything can be done using PHP. By d way PHP is evolved formerly as a web programming language but now-a-days PHP 6 is considered to be the all in one Programming Language. Everything can be done using PHP. But it requires some extended classes and library functions and somehow extensions and modules.

PHP Frameworks

This is the most widely used term for PHP. PHP Frameworks are totally developed in PHP and developers created some extended classes and libraries to take PHP to the ultimate level. If we consider design patterns (Software Design Patterns) like MVC (Model-View-Controller), UML Diagram etc., and then these patterns can be implemented in the web application development field. And if we consider for software development, then the PHP-GTK is widely used. PHP-GTK (Gimp Tool Kit) is an extended PHP extension for software development as well as desktop application development. Even there are many frameworks like Joomla, Drupal, XOOPS, phpBB, WordPress etc. But these are on base of web application development. These require the knowledge of Object oriented programming in PHP.

Global Utilization

Now-a-days in the global market two sectors are grown in wide large range. They are Application development and web related field. And PHP covers this range. Even if we consider the network programming as well as socket programming, then PHP takes its hand up for attending. Even networking protocols can also be designed using PHP. But it requires socket extension support. Even if we consider the social networking aspect in this world like Facebook, hi5, MySpace then PHP takes the opportunity to say that it leads. But PHP is a server side scripting language and so every script must run in the server and then result will be displayed to the client. So, how can it be possible to develop desktop application? Here comes the concept of client side scripting property of PHP. PHP-GTK is considered to be the client side programming language.

In Brief, the TOP 5 Sides:

Web Application Framework based on application design patterns

Network or Socket Programming

Web Application Development

PHP comprises many in-built functions to take the load off the programmer

Desktop Application Development in the concept of Client Side Scripting.

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