Top five scripts using Fantastico

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Top five scripts using Fantastico

Fantastico is one of the most popular web hosting commercial script libraries that automates the installation of web applications to a website. Whenever a new website is created or a new application is added to an already existing website The Fantastico web hosting scripts spring into action by the way of creating tables in a database, installing software, adjusting permissions and modifying web server configuration files. According to latest conducted researches the following 5 scripts are considered to be the best ones in the Fantastico script library:

1. b2evolution

b2evolution is a blog tool comprising all the features of traditional blog tools besides providing features like photo and file management, advanced skinning and multiple blog support.

2. WordPress

WordPress is a publishing script which provides a cross-blog tool, password-protected posts, importing, typographical eye candy, Multiple Authors and Bookmarklets.

3. Classifieds

Classifieds is an add tool which offers multiple categorised information in substantial depth and variety, personalised e-mail notifications, auto generated thumbnails, image uploading category slots and so on..

4. Drupal

Drupal is a dynamic Web content management tool that provides features like news aggregation, user administration , publishing workflow, and content sharing facilities.

5. Help-centre live

Help-centre live facilitates customer support including live help, support tickets, FAQs, ability to monitor visits, chats and messages.

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