Top five Joomla extensions

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Top five Joomla extensions

There is no denying the fact that the modular approach of Joomla has made it one of the most popular of its kind, as both users and developers have made the most out of it. There are several extensions available in Joomla, courtesy the huge community of developers. We pick some of the best and most popular of the extensions, chosen on the basis of user feedback!


This is a better version of the default FTP client, with lots of enhanced features and functions. One can view, edit, upload, and download files easily with this extension.


The web server is always vulnerable to attacks that can put it down for hours and can even result in loss of data. This extension helps in taking backup of the data and also helps in restoration of the backup data.

RSS Factory

This extension is a great SEO tool as it generates meaningful keywords for your websites and helps you get more visitors.

Security Images

This secures the registration process for Joomla sites, as it adds the functionality where users need to type in the text written in a distorted image.


This is for all website owners who require e-commerce software enabled for online transactions. This extension has great features and is extremely secure too!

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