Top five Google products

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Top five Google products

It is impossible to avoid Google while working on the Internet. This organization has literally replaced the word “search” by its name and has found an entry in the Oxford dictionary as well! There are several Google products catering to the desktop, mobile and online users. Here, we discuss the top 5 Google products that are most popular among users:

1. Google Search

The simple interface, combined with the efficient listing of results has helped millions in finding the best resources on the World Wide Web.

2. Gmail

Before Gmail came into existence, the highest mailbox space offered was 6 MB, and Gmail took the competition away by offering 1GB of space. It was efficiently backed up by the implementation of Ajax, labels and other innovative features.

3. Google Docs

True to the spirit of Web 2.0, it took online collaboration to a new level as people could work simultaneously on the same document.

4. Google Earth

A desktop application that accessed the Internet to retrieve 3-D geographical information, aerial imagery.

5. Google Chrome

Another desktop application in the form of a web browser, which was specially optimized for all Google products, thus creating a wholesome experience.

Google has its products all over the mobile, desktop and online domains. With its plan to introduce an OS, it could create bigger impact in the near future.

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