Top five fonts used in Web designing

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Top five fonts used in Web designing

Top five fonts used in Web designing

Web designing has gained a lot of popularity with the increase in the popularity of the internet and the World Wide Web. Depending on the font that you use for your particular website reading content from some sites gets much easier than other sites. One should chose on a particular font for his website depending upon the ease with which it can be read.

The most popular font is the “Old school font”. They are pre installed on almost all computers and run perfectly with internet explorer browsers. The next on the list is “Georgia” followed by “Arial” and then comes “Courier New” and after that “Trebuchet MS”. There are various reasons that web designers consider in order to choose these fonts more than the other fonts. The factors that decide the popularity of these fonts are the following

More readable

The fonts mentioned above are more readable than the other ones which depend on the font family solely and vary from one font to the other.


Fonts which are used in the web pages should be such that they can be easily read over any platform and on any machine without the need of installing that particular font before being able to view it.

Visible in different text colors

The font should be such that it is clearly visible in different text colors.

Size of text

The size of the text is also a constraint while designing a webpage. A good font is one which can be visible clearly even at very small font sizes.

White spacing

The white space between two consecutive words and letters is another thing to consider before deciding upon which font is best for you. The fonts stated above have enough white spaces in order to make the text on your website look more organized, neat and clean.

Line height

The height of an individual line should be such that it should not be too close to the next line that is there must be adequate spacing between two consecutive lines in order to offer better readability.

All these factors are very important in determining whether the text written in a particular font is clearly visible or not and depending upon all these factors, “Georgia” and “Old school font” is used widely depending upon its ease of readability. Sometimes sit may become difficult if you view a website using an uncommon font on a different platform in which the font is not installed previously. In such cases some letters may appear to be missing or the entire text may get changed and hence the website crashes, hence it is very important that you use one of the above fonts when you design your website. It is here that personalized fonts face with a disadvantage and hence cannot be used in websites. Georgia is one of the most stylish fonts yet it is simple and comfortable enough to read any text written in Georgia. Arial is widely used for writing text in books and hence our eyes are adjusted with this font the most.

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