Top five features of Google Docs

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Top five features of Google Docs

Google Docs are free web dependent spreadsheet, word processor, word processor, data storage and form services given by Google. It thus helps users for creating and editing documents online, by interacting with other users in real time mode. The feature of Google Docs combines the features of Spreadsheets and Writely with the help of another presentation program designed by the Tonic system for Google. Thus Google Docs are the best web based, free and simplified version of the Microsoft Office. Due to the online services which Google Docs offers, its advantage increased to further extent. Thus Google Docs is a very well known and popular web based software due to the various features it offers.

The basic screen of Google Docs

Top five features of Google Docs

Features of Google Docs

Web service

As Google Docs provides online services we can edit the existing documents or create new ones for any where we can find a network connection. Previously when any one wanted to use any document any where they usually saved it in the drafts, to access from anywhere, but now Google Docs provides an easier method to do so, because all the documents which we create on Google Docs are generally hosted by Google. So one can access those documents from anywhere, but the one thing which is needed is a network connection and a web browser.

Integrating with web

Top five features of Google Docs

Importing and exporting of Document

Another important and very useful feature of Google Docs is that one can import the existing documents it may be an Open Office or a word document to his or her Google Doc accounts. Thus this feature provides an effective tool to organize the documents as we can see all out documents as a single entity. In addition to importing of files one can also export files and documents in different formats like we can export Google documents to other formats like PDF or XML format.

Easily Publication of Documents on Web

It’s very easy to publish Google Doc documents on web. It can be done through a single mouse click. The documents published on the web are very much secured and privacy is also maintained it desired. The documents that are published on net can be accessed through its URL. Thus if we want our publications to be viewed some other person, and then one has to simply send this URL to that person. Also if any modification is done on the document made from Google Docs, then its automatically notified in that URL linked document. Thus we can use Google Docs as modified version of CMS (“Content Management System”)

Simple Interface

Though Google Docs offers so many features but still it its very friendly and is very easy to use. It offers a very attractive graphical user interface to access its various features like spell check, word count, different fonts and also tries to solve grammatical mistakes.


If anybody is a regular blog writer then that person will love to use Google Doc. This is because Google Doc is entirely integrated with the bloggers. One can write documents on Google Doc and can very easily integrate it with his or her blog.

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