Top five applications running on Ruby on Rails

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Top five applications running on Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (ROR) applications have become the first choice for most web designers as most major companies now operate their web applications on ROR.. Its popularity is due to the fact that it lowers the barriers of the entry of programming and provides a faster and simple way to develop a website while enabling more productivity and effectiveness; and making the applications easier to understand. Ruby on Rails is considered as the key of business advantages. We list the top five applications that are running on Ruby on Rails.

1. Twitter

This micro-blogging site is best known for its simple and user-friendliness. It is arguably the most popular of all ROR web applications.

2. MTV Style!

It is a great source of online music and fashion, which shows the power of ROR.

3. Jobster

Jobster is an ROR site used by numerous users for searching jobs and building career network.

4. Ruby Programming language

It uses its own interface for encouraging students in open source development. This is a great initiative as it shows the features of Ruby while teaching it at the same time.

5. Suse Studio

The Suse Studio creates and compiles every bit of software applications associated with the openSuse operating system. It is highly interactive and extremely innovative and is one of the best ROR applications.

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