Top 5 Video Hosting Scripts

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Top 5 Video Hosting Scripts



With the MediaMAX video sharing script, you will not only be able to share videos but pictures, photo and audio as well.
MediaMAX is multilingual.
This script is available in both the Spanish and English language packs. You will be able to easily remove the ones you don’t want and can add new ones. You can easily add multiple languages. All the files are stored in single file for each of the language, so you have to add one file per language.


YouTube is the site, which has taken the world by storms with its popularity for amazing videos and sharing. It’s not a script, but using YouTube video hosting script will enable you to host your own YouTube like website and can earn money as well. Using the YouTube script is very simple and easily you can create the website.


It is a video hosting script, which is entirely different from other wannabes. It is different because, it is not limited to just hosting and sharing of videos but even photos, pictures, audio etc can also be hosted or shared and thus it makes Rayzz and ultimate video hosting script.

Features of Rayzz

It is all in one networking site along with forum, video, audio blog and many others.
While you are browsing, you will be able to add videos to the quicklinks and can be saved in the play lists so that it can be watched.
Search can be conducted for audio, photo and video at one place
Dedicated support is available
Easily customizable
Setting up is very easy.
Attractive user interface
Can earn money by putting up ads on the websites
Funny videos and pictures
Every one like to watch videos online as it will be the best way to catch the attention of many people. For this purpose, the funny videos and pictures hosting script will help you to build a video website allows you to share the videos and pictures with others as well.

Clip Share

It is one of the top video hosting scripts available and it is very easy to use. It helps to build the website and is very user friendly as well.

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