Top 5 Internet Browsers

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Top 5 Internet Browsers

The majority of Internet users put little thought into the selection of their Internet browser. It’s no accident that Internet Explorer is the default browser that comes with Windows and just so happens to be the most widely used browser in the world. However, the savvy Internet user will decide what is important to them and select their browser accordingly. With a little deliberation you can optimize and customize your browsing the way you see fit.


Flock is built on Firefox’s codebase and integrates social networking services like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter right into the browser. It unites a myriad of social networking sites into one convenient sidebar making it ideal for the social butterfly or the media mogul in you. Flock 2 was only released in October of 2008 and it also gobbles up a lot of memory compared with some of the other browsers on this list. These two facts could be drawbacks to anyone with a lack of patience with their browser.


While Flock expands on the uses of the Internet browser, Google’s Chrome simplifies things. To start, there is only one box (the Omnibar) at the top of the browser. Your web searches go in the same box as your addresses. Your history and suggestions show up in this box too. Chrome lacks an extension like “Adblock Plus” for Firefox. This is good if you’re a developer but potentially annoying if you’re just surfing the web. Like Flock, Chrome is fairly new on the scene having only been released at the end of 2008. With youth comes inexperience; Chrome is lacking in features and extensions that some of its competition has. Will they come down the line? We’ll just have to wait and see.


Safari, like most Apple products, has an unobtrusive user interface. And like most Apple products, it has some very ingenious features. Right click on a word and you are given the option to search for that word with Google. Safari also seemed to run the fastest out of all of my trials with different browsers. If you are looking to get things done efficiently, these two features will help you do that. Apple is currently beta testing the next generation of Safari. For those of you who like being ahead of the curve, I suggest you swing by and check it out.

Internet Explorer 8

At first glance, Internet Explorer 8 is just like Internet Explorer 7. Considering the reception of Vista’s interface by longtime Windows XP users, this is probably a good thing. IE8 does have some new and unique features. The two most prominent features are “accelerators” and “Web Slices.” Accelerators allow you to open email, translation services, maps, blogs and search functions within the page you are viewing. Web Slices monitors a specific feature of a page without you having to revisit the page. No more reloading eBay to see if your bid on that sad clown painting is holding up. The sun seemed to be setting on IE’s market share dominance. With this offering, Microsoft can be seen pushing the sun back up into the sky.


If Internet Explorer is the people’s champ, then Firefox is the brash, upstart looking for a shot at the title. Standing alone, Firefox has everything you need in a browser. Tabbed browsing? Check. Pop-up blocker? Check. The latest security measures? Check. It’s what you can add on to Firefox that makes it such an excellent product. For those control freaks out there (i.e. me), Firefox has an extension to suite any of your needs. I can post to Twitter from my address bar from a window I have turned purple. I can download all of my friend’s Facebook albums from a window I have set to customized dimensions. Firefox has its drawbacks but there is usually an extension to remedy the problem.

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