Top 5 energy drinks for Geeks

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He has been at it all day long and the whole night thought

He is tired, but must not give up since the fate of the entire Universe (ok-cyberspace) hangs in the balance. This geek must finish writing the code he’s been working on, he must hack a given site or he must penetrate a given network…… but he feels so drained. He can hardly press a key on the keyboard, let alone drag the mouse cursor. What he needs is a revitalizing dose of pure energy to revamp his entire being. Mustering his remaining strength, he uses his free hand (the one not permanently attached to the mouse) to reach out for his favorite drink….. the effect is instantaneous. The worn out geek is instantly recharged ready to resume his noble task of securing cyberspace thanks to the energy drinks.

At this point one is tempted to ask what exactly is a geek’s favourite energy drink. Well after intensive research involving many geeks (contacted via e-mail as always) here’s a list to work with.

1. Super Mario energy drink

Yes, of course. So obvious. This drink is immensely popular among the netizens, the main reasons being, I suspect the name and the printed image on its can. I mean geeks were weaned off nintendo and grew off super Mario. The energy boost comes from the sentimental value attached to the Mario character, although some geeks SWEAR by the processor on their motherboard that the drink adds on extra 1up to your existence (ok, If you didn’t do super Mario, you just won’t get it – so stop trying ok?) – lets proceed to another level, shall we?

Duff Energy drinks

-Duff! The mug that wont get u drunk when you chug !

Duff. Homer Simpson. Sentimental value at work here.

Most geeks watched the Simpson on T.V back when they still had a life apart from their PCs, and duff energy drink seems like the best way to recapture lost glory. Well, duh!

3. Red bull

This is for the hot hombres of computer world, the geeks that feel they have to make a statement, without getting off their butts .Stack up several cans of red bulls and feel your geeky pals into thinking you have a life. Nice trick, Einstein.

4. Shark

It’s all in the name. Aggression, ferocity, viciousness and a big dose of appeal. Geeks take this to make themselves feel great when they actually are feeling a bit like a certain input device (mouse, not keyboard, you idiot). Thing is, I’ve never seen a shark wearing glasses.

1. Lucozade boost

Comes in a trendy bottle, attractive packaging and a great tasting flavor to stimulate your taste buds. It’s everything a geek wishes for (if only it was named after some star trek characters –say Obi wa Kenobi or even R2- D2). May I add that even geeks’ mothers like it, not for themselves , but in the vain hope that it will motivate their sons to engage in some athletic undertakings .Hate to burst your bubble , ma`am, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Once Again cyberspace is saved, thanks to

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