Top 13 Features of PhpBB Web Hosting

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Top 13 Features of PhpBB Web Hosting



PhpBB stands for php Bulletin Board that is the board that is scripted in PHP programming language. This bulletin board can also be referred as the discussion board, message board, internet forum, discussion forum or even as web forum as well. All these are the platforms are used on the Web that facilitates the creation of the virtual community of some of the like minded people and also interacting among them all.    


This popular PhpBB is a very much high-powered, highly customizable, fully scalable and also a free open source (where there is no subscriptions or no restriction on any kind of modulation that is done). PhpBB is an internet software package that is used to support variety of Database Management Systems such as PostgreSQL, MYSQL, Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access and is very much helpful for FAQ’s. PhpBB is very much ideal for the builder of Free Community and also for all kinds of sites.

The features that are useful for all the above uses are

-Installing PhpBB is very simple


-Offers the interface for multiple languages


-For the host of all the database servers, it offers support


-PhpBB offers you high security that is very much powerful along with extensive authorization system and also with strong encryption for the safety of passwords.


-The unlimited forums are allowed to organize in to the unlimited categories.


-Allows unlimited members for the forum

-Public or private forums


-Search facility which is very powerful


-Messaging facility that is very much private


-Customization of the templates


-Messages can be formatted into various font sizes and styles and also allows the image posting, automatic URL linking and displaying of the code


-The admin panel in PhpBB is very easy to use.


-The PhpBB community which is very huge will provide all the support for free 

PhpBB forum hosting

There are several of PhpBB forum hosting providers in the market at present and are offering 100% free or else even inexpensive forum hosting packages to even premium paid Hosting packages. All these things will depend upon the quality of that server and also the features that are included in that particular package with great customer service quality and support that is provided by the hosting company. The free type PhpBB message boards are available for free but there will be limited disk space and there will be pop-up ads. Where as in paid PhpBB service, you will get more disk space and it will ad-free.      

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