Top 10 features of Cpanel

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Top 10 features of Cpanel

Backup Facility

It is pretty important for you to make sure that there is efficient backup for all of your contents on the server. If the Cpanel is installed in the web host, then it can solve the problems of backup. Due to the backup facility in Cpanel, you will be able to recover the data in any type of disaster.

Email Management

In the hosting package that you get with the Web host, you will be able to create number of email accounts. To all the email accounts, Cpanel will let you to assign domain names to all of your email accounts.


You will be able to use the multiple domains that will be offered by the Web hosting companies. With the help of Cpanel, you will be able to manage number of websites. With the same domain, you will be able to manage different products.
The success of the website can be measured by the number of visits of your clients on the website in some particular times. This is one of the greatest features of Cpanel.

Apache Handlers

The feature of Apache Handlers of the Cpanel will allow you to control how the Apache handles the requests for the files of certain type or the extensions from the visitors and search engines. All these means that you will be able to choose the Apache handles the files that you have contained in the shared Cpanel Website hosting space, how will they be handled when the search engines come up crawling
Image Tools
The Cpanel feature Image Tools will allow you to carry out several actions on any type of images which you will be hosted in your shared Cpanel website hosting account.

Index Manager

The Cpanel feature Index Manager will let you to customize the ways in which the directory appears to the visitor who will be passing on the websites when there will not be any default page in the directory that has to be shown to the visitors.

Error Page

The feature of Error page will allow you to configure the Apache in order display the custom error pages which you will have created for displaying them whenever your website faces some sorts of errors or any other problem.

Mime Types

The feature of Mime Types in the Cpanel will allow you to set some setting that will tell you the browsers of all the visitors to your websites on how to handle the specific file extensions in the website for any reason.

Cron Jobs

This feature will allow you to set up some scripts that you might have running under the websites that to be run automatically at certain times in order to carry out certain jobs which they will be designed for.

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