Three Websites Developers Can’t Live Without

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Three Websites Developers Can’t Live Without

Whether you are an experienced designer or someone looking to start developing, there is always more to learn. Webmonkey is an invaluable resource for the personal development of developers. There are tutorials on web basics for novices covering topics such as html documents, graphics and web standards. For the designer that has the basics covered, there is a handy reference library with cheat sheets, a glossary, color charts and browser charts. Don’t see what you are looking for? You can request an article and Webmonkey will try and find someone to write it. In addition to these features, Webmonkey has a service called monkey_bites. These bites are daily news articles geared towards developers that will help you stay well informed in an ever-evolving industry.

You have the resources to develop a high-end product but you’re having trouble getting started? Visit The Best Designs for a little inspiration. At TBD, websites are categorized by elements of CSS, Flash and design quality. New, exceptional websites are added to the Design Gallery daily. There is also a Designer Directory and a section for Featured Designers so you can learn about who is behind the sites in the Design Gallery. If you think you’ve already created a top-notch site, submit it to TBD and maybe you’ll be featured on their website. With over 300,000 page impressions per month, TBD will be sure to send some new visitors your way. Still not convinced? TBD was featured as one of the “Top Ten Design Resources” in How Design Magazine.

“From Pixels to Prose. From Coding to Content.” A List Apart is “For People Who Make Websites.” A List Apart is a web magazine that started as a mailing list that in a few short months had 16,000 designers, developers and content specialists subscribing. A few of the topics in the magazine are code, content, culture, design, process and user science. Basically, if you haven’t been to this website before, you have 282 issues of extremely well written, relevant and fascinating articles to read. You might as well start now. The very same people who read it, the community of web specialists, write A List Apart. The magazine is published on Tuesdays so you won’t need to check this site everyday. After a time, this fact will make you upset and you’ll be wondering is it Tuesday yet.

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